Friday, May 12, 2017

The Power of Positivity!

Wanna know a secret?

Everyone WANTS to love their job.

Unfortunately, some don't.  One question that I seem to keep running into on Twitter chats, especially the chats with a topic for new teachers or future teachers, is "What do you do when you encounter a colleague who is continually negative?"

This is a legitimate question, because it's reality.  There are teachers, principals, counselors, and students who are struggling daily with the challenges of school.  Those challenges look different to different people, and some just can't seem to get out of the rut.

I'm not talking about the encounter with a teacher who was just involved in a frustrating situation and needs to blow off a little steam.  That's venting.  We all need to vent.  Usually after voicing our frustration, taking some time to reflect, we calm down and move on.  I'm talking more about those who just always find something wrong with every situation.  The chronic complainers.  You know who they are.  Maybe it's you.

My answer to this question of "how to deal with the complainers," is the same every time.

Stay positive.  

Listen, offer support, but always...stay positive.  Because you can't force someone to see the positive side of education.  You can force someone to stop complaining...they'll just complain about being forced into it.  And you can't force someone to love their job.  But if you stay positive, smile, and let the love you have for your job radiate out of you... it's attractive and contagious.

You see...everyone WANTS to LOVE their job.

Eventually those who are struggling and frustrated will start to wonder WHY you always look so happy?  Why you are able to stay positive?  And HOW you do it??

And then they come to you.

They'll ask for your advice.  It may sound a little like...

What can I do to feel better about my classroom?
I wish I knew how to feel motivated about my classroom...
You're always happy, how do you do it?

And now you have the opportunity to help someone find a passion for their job.  This is powerful.  Don't shy away from it.  We need positive leaders of the school to be willing to share what works for them, what motivates them, and how WE GOT HERE.  Was it Twitter?  Was it developing a PLN? Was it getting to know your students more? Whatever it is...share it.

Because if something is going to spread through a should be positive.  Never under-estimate the power of POSITIVITY.  It is contagious and it can be just the thing you, your colleagues, or your school needs.


  1. You know what I am going to say, finding my tribe on Twitter. Even through all of the difficult things I've faced this year Monday nights are a highlight to my week.

    1. I am so happy you have found your tribe! It is so fun when you find people who do what you do and love what they do!

  2. I love Instagram! Seeing pictures of other teachers' classrooms and their assignments and student work lead me to Teachers Pay Teachers to see and purchase all the wonderful things other English teacher put out there. It's helped me see how we are all struggling with how to incorporate technology appropriately without it consuming us and our time. I wasn't alone!

    Then I took some online classes this fall through Friends. Eight graduate hours since August! And I enjoyed interacting there too through their online program, Moodle. So this summer, I'm taking more classes and some are on-ground this time. It's rejuvenated me, and I'm looking forward to implementing some new things to freshen my classroom.

    Friends' workshops are taught by some college faculty, but a lot are taught by teachers still in the classroom--just like Teachers Pay Teachers. You get a viewpoint from those in the trenches.

    I enjoy the teachers from Australia on Instagram. They are so creative, as are the US ones. Some have created their own tribes and blog--and they are not even from the same state and they blog together! So cool.

    1. It is so important to find something that works for you! Individualized PLN! It's the connections with other educators what make the difference. :)

      I love seeing all that you do in your classroom. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to visit other teacher's classrooms when they are doing something cool or different. I bet we could get great ideas from the teachers down the hall!