Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Who Have You Asked Today?

Dear Senior of 2020, (Or Junior, Sophomore, or Freshman...)

I hope you don't mind me inserting myself right in your business....BUT. 

Have you ever thought of becoming a teacher???

Cause you'd be great. 


And I've found that if I don't reach out to people who have the characteristics to be amazing teachers we (the world) may miss out on some phenomenal people in our profession. So... 

If you haven't given it a thought, think about it. I'd love to answer any questions you have. Because it is definitely a job where you get the opportunity to make people happy and have FUN everyday. There is no better feeling than going to work each day knowing that its where you belong.  

(Don't ask about 2020...but even through this crazy COVID year I still wouldn't want to do anything else) 

Have a safe and happy break. Take some time to relax. You've earned it!  


Teachers...if we don't promote our profession, who will? If we don't reach out to those kids who would make amazing colleagues, friends, and teachers of our children and grandchildren, who's going to? Who are we missing? 

Some kids haven't even given it a thought. 

What if they did?