Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Taking Risks, the Word Never, and New Adventures

That word "never."

Pesky little devil.

I've said it a handful of times. And she has proven me wrong every. single. time.

I was NEVER going to go to a JUCO. I went, loved it, and am now am an advocate for students to start out there if they can. Its a great way to reduce cost of college and mark off some of those gen-eds.

I was NEVER going to go to Emporia State. The university closet to home, I wanted to get AWAY. I'm now a proud graduate of their excellent teaching program.

I was NEVER going to move back in with my parents. I did. While student teaching. I don't regret it.

I was NEVER going to teach West of Wichita. 13 years in Cheney KS. You guessed it. West of Wichita.

I was NEVER going to leave Cheney. I was NEVER going to leave my middle schoolers for High School.

Wanna take bets on what comes next...

After 13 years at an amazing school working an amazing job, I"m changing things up. I have taken a new position teaching High School Social Studies at Maize HS. I am beyond excited for this new chapter in my life.

Sometimes I still can't believe that it's happening. What am I thinking? Leaving something I'm comfortable with, something I'm good at for something brand new. Something I haven't done since student teaching. (While having 4 kids ages 7 and under...) Cheney has been SO GOOD TO ME, and I've had the opportunity to be a part of many "ripples" of inspiration. (Read about Teacher Ripples here).  But I strive on challenges. I love to take risks. And after 13 years in the same position I found myself starting to want more than my beloved little school could offer. I was starting to get "too comfortable."

It's time for me to take a big step outside my comfort zone and discover new strengths, new challenges, and grow both professionally and personally.

It's time for me to make ripples in a new pond.

And to find a new "never" to try to avoid...