Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Girl Next Door

I am now closing my classroom door for the 9th year in a row.  In many ways, this was one of my best and favorite years.  Most of the reasons involve things that happened inside my classroom.  It was a fun year.  I enjoyed what I was teaching, how I was teaching it, and found myself excited about the things to come.

However, one of the reasons for "the best year so far" didn't happen in my classroom.  It happened in the one next door.

You see.  My sister was teaching in that room.  Her second year of teaching, first one at Cheney.

It was about this time last year that we knew we would be seeing A LOT more of each other.  Everyday.  All year.

I know this happens in small schools all across the country.  But for us, when she applied for the 6th Grade Communications job, we both initially saw it as a long-shot.

But then she got an interview.

And the call with the offer to teach in the room directly next to me.


Growing up, we fought quite often.  Only four-and-a-half years between us, and different personalities made for interesting times sharing a bedroom.  However as have grow up and become successful adults we have grown to appreciate our differences as well as seen them shrink.

The highlights of this year shared with my sister include...

The first day of school selfie we sent to our mother (who is VERY jealous of us working in the same school).

Twin Tuesday.  We dressed alike for the first few Tuesdays of the year.  Then we got busy and forgot.  Or ran out of matching clothes.

I "Shushed" her.  In a meeting.  And didn't even realize I did it until is was pointed out by another staff member.  They thought it was hilarious...

She told my class of 7th graders that they didn't have to do anything all day.  They believed her.

I told her 6th graders that I am WAY cooler and they better believe me because I will have them for the next TWO years!

She stepped outside of her box and directed the 8th grade play.  I am so amazed by her determination to learn something new and then have it turn out awesome.

We learned out personality "colors."  I am GOLD which means I like things organized, on time, planned out, and I'm bossy.  Yep.  That's me.

She is ORANGE.  Go-with-the-flow, creative, not on time (or doesn't stress about time).  Yep. That's her.

She entertained the staff with stories about her miraculously cured eyesight, which she determined was her healthy eating habits, that turned out to be two pairs of contacts, and astonishingly announcing that they "let a man eat a little boy for his last meal before execution" only to find that the article was published by The Onion.  -- We were in tears.

And finally...the last day of school selfie we sent to mom!

Here's to more great years with the girl next door :)

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