Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Excitement!

I love memes.  They always seem to depict much of what I'm thinking and feeling at any given point. I have used them in my class a few times.  (check that out here)  The kids love them too!

I came across this one the other day...

I can honestly say that this meme doesn't even begin to reflect me.  While, I totally get the humor of it, and I did laugh.  It's not me.

You see, by August, I'm chomping at the bit ready to get back into my classroom and put into action all the things I've been thinking about doing.  I look forward to seeing my vision actually put into place.

I really try to have a separation from school during the summer.  Trust me, I love school and will talk your ear off about it at any given point of the year.  But I'm not just a teacher.  I'm also a mother.  During the school year, I wage war against the balance between work and home, just like many other parents.  My house is clean maybe on Saturdays, and laundry is almost never put away.

But during the summer I don't have to wage that battle.  I don't have to feel like I'm letting my kids down because I wanted to stay at work an extra hour and I don't have to feel guilty about a lack-luster lesson because I had to leave unexpectedly from school for a sick kid.  I get to me "just mom."

But by August, I have heard "MOM" 8,098,896,475,495 times.  I have had dreams of lessons and class activities that have both been sweet and nightmarish.  I start dusting off my computer, looking in the school bag I brought home, and begin the process of putting on paper (or computer) the ideas that have randomly been floating through my head all summer.  I start to get "the bug."

I have less than a week before I send my kiddos back to daycare and start to focus on setting up my classroom and making sure things are ready to go.  I am still enjoying the trips to the pool, a cleaner house and later bedtime. I have much to do and the excitement can hardly be contained.

Trust me.  It's time.

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