Monday, August 15, 2016

Olympic Inspiration

I love the Olympics.  I join millions of people waiting for the latest news on athletic triumphs, upsets, and records.  But it's more than just entertainment.  Each time the Olympics is on, we are give stories of inspiration.  People who do extraordinary things to reach long-held goals.

I think my favorite story to come out of Rio so far is Michael Phelps winning the silver medal.

Wait a minute Mrs. Weber...your favorite story is one of 2nd place??


Michael Phelps is someone who can teach us a lot about perseverance, attitude, drive, and the list can go on.  He has been controversial, but I can bet you that if each of our lives were played out in front of the nation, ours would be just as controversial.  That's not my point of this story anyway.

My point is inspiration.

You see, Michael Phelps was awarded the silver medal in the 100m Butterfly because he was beat by Joseph Schooling of Singapore.  Schooling is a long-time fan of Phelps.  So much so, that he had his picture taken with the star swimming before the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

I just love it.

Michael Phelps was so inspiring to this young boy in 2008, that he eventually grew up to better Phelps in his signature event.


In my opinion, this is the story of the year.  This is the story to use in your classrooms.

Be so awesome.  Be so great.  Be so inspiring that you inspire someone to become better than you

If imitation is the best form of flattery, then let's try to imitate awesome!  Whether you teach Kindergarten, High School Band, Chemistry, or coach a sport.  You see, teachers have a unique opportunity.  We have the chance to touch thousands of lives throughout our career.  How awesome would it to be so inspiring to young people, that together we help create a world filled with the best!

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